The Little Rascals Home Daycare
Pre-K Program



The Little Rascals Home Daycare is a NYS Registered Daycare/Pre-K Program.  It is designed to give your child a secure learning space, where your child will not only learn, but will also play and socialize.

Each day is a structured, fun, learning experience with our Pre-K Program:

All parents want their children to be ready for Kindergarten.  This is a milestone in which is exciting not only for your child, but for YOU the parent.  Here at The Little Rascals Home Daycare, we prepare your child for their first experience, Kindergarten!

 He/she will be introduced to new activities such as;  math, reading readiness, colors, shapes, alphabet letters and sounds, pre-writing, thinking skills and discussion.  To enhance these activities, we will provide, songs, stories, games, movement and physical activities, and craft ideas.  Each days activities are designed to involve each child in the learning process both mentally and physically.  Your child will have many things to share with you daily.

 Take some time to go through the links on your left to learn more about The Little Rascal Home Daycare.  We offer your child so much that I am confident to say, "you will not be disappointed!"

Thank you!

Donna Strauss